A Warm Welcome

We do our best to make your visit to EPCBC a comfortable and meaningful experience. Our people are friendly and happy to meet you, and you are free to sit anywhere you like. We also encourage you to stay after the service to get to know us over morning tea.

An Informal Service

Our services are informal. That is, we dress casually, but appropriately for public worship.  Our minister doesn't wear robes...or even a tie for that matter! Our services are led by people just like you, and there is often interaction between the service leaders and the congregation.

Don't worry ... you won't be called upon to participate. You can choose the level at which you wish to engage or interact with what is happening. Just know that things are pretty laid back at EPCBC.

We Sing

Singing together isn't a huge part of our Australian culture. But singing is a wonderful way to join together in worship, praise and thanks for what God has done, for what he is doing right now, and for what he will do in the future.

We love to sing. That's something that will be very evident when you visit EPCBC. Please do not feel obligated to join in, but you are invited to participate wherever you feel comfortable.

We Pray

We believe that God not only hears our prayers, but he delights in them. He wants us to communicate with him and to bring him not only our thanks and praise, but also the things that are weighing on our hearts.

So we spend some time each service in prayer. Sometimes there will be opportunity for members of the congregation to share their prayer requests with everyone prior to the time of prayer. On other occasions, the prayer time will be led from the front. Our times of prayer will generally include thanking God for what he has done, confessing where we have gone wrong and asking for his forgiveness, and interceding for others.

We Hear from the Bible

We believe that the Bible is God's Word and that it contains what we need to know to live the lives that we were created to live. During every service, a portion of the Bible will be read and then explained and applied by skilled teachers.

We Remember Jesus' Death and Resurrection

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of Christianity. On the first Sunday of each month, we take some time in our service to specifically remember this, following the instructions that Jesus gave to his disciples on the night that he was betrayed.

If you are visiting with us on the first Sunday of each month, be aware that this will almost certainly be a part of the service.